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Woman Left Purse in Uber, Found These Hilarious Prank Pictures On Her Phone When It Was Returned

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Losing a purse would never really be described as a particularly “fun” experience, especially when that purse is lost in a ride-sharing service in New York City. Unless you’re this lucky person, who not only was able to locate and have their bag returned, but was also treated to a pretty amazing surprise prank upon the its return. It turns out, while this person might have been having a slightly more panicked day trying to locate her belongings, her purse was having a wonderfully fun time sightseeing in New York City and making new friends along the way. Check out the hilarious photos she found on her phone once her purse was returned.

Swinging Into The New Year

The story of this lost-and-found purse prank was first told on Reddit. The user “Dbarakh” posted that a friend had left her purse in an Uber on New Years Eve in New York City. What a way to start the new year! Dbarakh went on to say that this friend found some “interesting” pictures on her phone when she retrieved it the following day.

Interesting is certainly one way to describe what the friend found. It turns out that while this friend was spinning her wheels trying to located her lost purse, the purse was having a fine time hanging out on a tire swing at a local New York park.

An Off-The-Wall Prank

From swinging to climbing, there’s nothing this purse cannot do. As the friend scrolled through her pictures on her phone, which was left in the purse, she saw that the Uber driver had a few adventures with her purse in the park.

It seems the purse, along with its new Uber driver friend, also stopped by the park’s climbing wall. Some Reddit users speculated that the purse was taken to Washington Rock State Park in New Jersey, just outside of New York City. Regardless, the purse was bound for more adventures outside of the park.

Toying With The Purse’s Owner

While this Uber driver’s prank is as creative as they get, the driver had a little bit of help from the owner of the purse herself. It turns out that the Uber driver didn’t just happen to have googly eyes hidden away in preparation for future pranks.

Reddit user “Dbarakh” explained on the original post that the purse’s owner had stored googly eyes inside of the purse, located in a side pocket. She probably didn’t intend for them to be used in this way, but now we’re left wondering why we don’t all have googly eyes stored in our bags just in case.

A Mixed Bag of Reactions

When the pictures of this purse’s wild adventure were first posted to Reddit, the hilarious prank went viral. The post was viewed more than 100,000 times in just 24 hours after it went online, giving this little purse’s day out the recognition it truly deserves.

With all of that recognition, there are bound to be people who questioned the story, calling it fake. But Dbarakh is adamant that the story is true, and has replied to naysayers assuring these users that the story is not made up.

Tighten the Purse Strings

Eventually, this action-packed day with the googly-eyed purse came to an end, and the Uber driver returned the purse to its relieved owner. But the prank lives on, as all of the best ones do, on the Internet. So far, we haven’t found anyone who has come forward as the prankster, but he or she should go down in Uber prank history.

According to Uber’s lost-and-found policy, riders are charged $15 once an item is returned to compensate the drivers for their time. We just hope that this driver was tipped a little extra, based on the time and effort put into this legendary purse prank that’s left us googly-eyed.

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