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96-Year-Old Woman Sees Snow For The First Time, And Her Reaction Is Priceless

Imagine spending nearly all your life without having ever seen snow in person. Yes, you could watch the snow fall in movies and television shows, but it’s not the same experience as stepping outside and feeling fresh snowflakes land softly on your face.

For Oria Carrera, she had forgotten this special experience while living in Miami, Florida. Now 96 and living in Washington D.C., her reaction to seeing snow for the first time will make you smile.

Moving Up North

Carrera lived in Miami for nearly all her life with her husband and family. But in June 2018, her husband passed away. She decided to move to Washington D.C. to live with her son, Armando Trull.

Armando Trull/MSN

She moved to her new home during the summer months, so it was still warm in the nation’s capital. However, in November, Carrera was in for a real treat when it snowed for the first time this season. But to the elderly woman, it was her first experience seeing snow in a very long time.

“I Feel Happy!”

It didn’t take long for the 96-year-old to realize the beautiful event she was witnessing. Trull led his mother to their shared home’s back porch, and she could hardly contain her excitement, exclaiming, “I feel happy! So, so, so happy!”

Trull shared the video on his Twitter page and, not surprising, it became a viral video amongst users.

Appreciate The Little Things

Trull’s video shows his mother happily throwing a snowball to her son, while saying, “I can’t believe it!” She was excited to be witnessing snow for the first time in ages, and her reaction is enough to make you smile.


If anything, Carrera has taught us to appreciate the little things in life, even if it’s a small snowball.

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