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Woman Spends Seven Years Searching for Sister, Then Makes an Incredible Discovery

A woman adopted as a child went through most of her life without knowing who her biological family was. Once she got older, she became more interested in finding them. During her search, the woman was surprised at what she found. She would soon find that one of her family members was right under her nose!

Looking For Answers

Hillary Harris and her brother, Tyler, were put up for adoption as toddlers. She wasn’t interested in finding her biological family at first. Years later, when she became pregnant, she decided it was time to start the search. She soon reached out to the agency that arranged her adoption to see if they could help.

ABC News

Getting a Family Name

The agency was able to give Hillary a few answers. She discovered the name of one of her biological parents. Her father’s name was Wayne. Wayne had sadly passed away years earlier, so Hillary wasn’t able to meet him. However, she also noticed that Wayne had two other daughters: Dawn Johnson and Renee Diericks.

Facebook / Hillary Harris

A Surprising Coincidence

Hillary tried her best to locate her sisters online but to no avail. Around the same time, a couple moved next door to her and her family. The woman was coincidentally named Dawn. Hillary and her husband joked that Dawn could be her long-lost sister, but didn’t think it could actually be real. When a package for Dawn came to Hillary’s home, Hillary saw that Dawn’s last name was Johnson–– the same as Hillary’s sister!


Discovering The Honest Truth

Hillary quickly reached out to Dawn. She asked Dawn what her father’s name was, and, to her surprise, Dawn shared it was Wayne Johnson. The two realized that they were indeed sisters and were surprised that they had ended up next-door neighbors! “For me, this is 100% fate. By meeting Dawn, I feel like I have all the answers I will ever need. She’s the missing puzzle piece I have been looking for for so many years,” Hillary shared in an interview.

The Washington Times

It’s A Family Reunion

Now Hillary and Dawn have been getting to know each other and their families. Hillary’s brother Tyler also eventually opened up to getting to know Dawn as well. Now that these sisters have found each other, they’re looking forward to spending a lot more time together. Finally, Hillary has found her biological family, and she’s never letting go!

Facebook / Hillary Harris

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