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Woman Transforms Collection Of Shipping Containers Into Trendy Dream Home

Before creating sustainable homes from eco-friendly materials was trending, one Canadian woman was forward-thinking enough to break ground and build her own home. When Claudie Dubreuil found the ideal spot to erect her home, she decided to use some unique construction materials to make her concept a reality.

Sustainable Scrap Material

Claudie contacted an engineering firm to have three shipping containers delivered to a lot in Quebec. The containers were a nominal cost compared to traditional housing materials.

Each hollow shipping container cost Claudie around $2,100 each, and she only needed three to build a sizable abode. First, a concrete foundation needed to be placed on the property, and the containers were stacked into position to form the house’s framework.

From Shabby To Chic

If you know how to utilize inexpensive materials like wood and the right coat of paint, you can quickly dress up shipping containers into a visually appealing structure. The exterior of the house was covered in attractive wood panels after areas were cut out for doors, windows, and plenty of natural lighting to shine through.

Some parts of the home’s interior left areas of the shipping container revealed, but a coat of bright white paint kept the industrial aesthetic light and modern. A combination of wood walls, a spiral metal staircase, and luxury design furniture gave the home an inviting feel.

Cozy Up To Details

Most of Claudie’s home utilizes connected open spaces so you don’t feel boxed in, which makes navigating the space comfortable and tranquil. The upper deck of the multi-level house includes an outdoor shower and integrates the natural surroundings on the property.

A stripped-down study provides a great place to work without distractions. The kitchen is outfitted with brand new stainless steel appliances, so entertaining guests or brunch or dinner parties is a breeze. The informal dining room is a few steps away from the kitchen, and all throughout the home, windows invite you to enjoy the picturesque views.

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