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After 11 Years, Woman Spots Beloved Dog Her Mom Gave Away

When Kate Griffin was in elementary school, she had a little puppy named Cami with caramel-blond fur and she absolutely adored her. Sadly, once her parents got divorced, her mother, later on, decided to give Cami away to the babysitter.

“She wasn’t allowed at my dad’s house, so my mom had to take care of her when my sister and I were at my dad’s house,” Griffin told The Dodo. “After some time, my mom said that it was too stressful for Cami to see us one week and then not the next and because of it, she was acting out. So, she made the decision to give her to our sitter to take care of.”

Griffin and her sister were consoled by the fact that they could visit their beloved dog anytime they wanted. After some time, however, Griffin was completely heartbroken to learn that Cami was once again given away to another family because the sitter was no longer able to care for her.

As time went on, Griffin still remembered her dog fondly. That’s why Griffin was taken aback one day when she saw a woman walking two dogs, one of which completely resembled Cami. She didn’t miss the chance to see if the dog was indeed Cami so she decided to have a small chat with the dog walker.

“I looked at her and just said, ‘Oh my God. I think this is my dog. I had to give her away a really long time ago when my parents got divorced.’ The woman said, ‘The family I dog walk for, got her from another family. Oh, my God. This is so amazing, you have to take a picture with her!’ I was in shock so I didn’t cry until later when I realized what had just happened,” Griffin said.

She posted the story on Facebook, together with a picture of her and Cami, who is  now fully-grown.

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