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Woman Takes Picture Of People After Kissing Them And The Internet Can’t Stop Swooning

Can you imagine if a beautiful woman approached you for a kiss in exchange for a photograph? Photographer Johanna Siring did just that with some brave festival goers at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and the results are what romcoms are made of. Here are our top five picks for the cutest kissy face reaction photos.


This young man is all smiles before the kiss, but it looks like his smile doubles afterward. Even his eyes are smiling! This is truly the face of a happy man.

@royparkinshardlow agreed on Instagram, “Such [an] awesome project. It’s like when you first meet someone in the 1st pics and then as though you have known them as a good friend for years in the 2nd.”

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Kissed By An Angel

At first, it looks like nothing could crack this woman’s “cool girl” image. But after the kiss, she’s smiling bigger than a little girl on the playground. The joy is just radiating from her smile!

@reggyville felt the love on Instagram, “I always love revisiting this story. It’s been a frequent go to for me the last few months. I hope you share another project soon!”

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Hang Loose

First of all, this woman looks like she just walked out of an Abercrombie catalog. She seems fully poised and ready for the camera. But she’s fully shook after that the photographer’s kiss, and her face can’t help but show it. She looks like she’s just hopped off a roller coaster ride!

@anthonyprince_ sagely wrote on Instagram, “Love resonates”

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Thumbs Up

If you’re wondering if this guy enjoyed meeting the beautiful photographer, the answer is clearly yes! This guy is playing it cool at first, but his mega kilowatt smile shines through after the kiss. If he could give it two thumbs up, he would!

@b.a.moye muses on Instagram, “Love it—always relevant! ??”

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Blinded By The Light

Last but not least, this girl’s reaction to the photographer’s kiss is just too much. She looks like she’s just had a religious experience. Her smile is infectious. If you’re having a bad day, this woman’s face will definitely make you smile too!

@kimswim gushes on Instagram, “I love this so much ?”

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