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Woman Throws Message Into Ocean And Gets The Weirdest Response Six Years Later

In movies, we’re all familiar with something called a “meet-cute”, those whimsical first encounters that are mainstays of romantic comedies. They’re always fun to watch, but incredibly unlikely to happen in real-life.

Hayley Robbins was hoping to create her own meet-cute when she threw a baseball into the ocean – what she got back was incredibly strange and unexpected!

The Eternal Optimist

Described as “always optimistic” by her friends, 18-year-old Hayley Robbins felt inspired by the romantic stories that she read in books and saw in movies.

Looking to create her own Nicholas Sparks-styled love story, she decided to take a chance and let the Universe help her.

Writing her name, phone number, and a short request for “cute guys” to call her on a baseball,  she then threw it in the ocean and waited for a call.

“I thought it would be really cool to see if anyone ever actually would find the softball,” she wrote.

Six years later, she got a completely unbelievable message back…

“I Want To Be Your Superhero”

With years having passed, Hayley had completely forgotten about the baseball until one day, she got an unexpected text message.

It read “Hey…I wanna be a superhero, guess my name.” Intrigued, Hayley replied only to discover that the mystery-texter had found her baseball washed up on a beach.

After a few more texts, Hayley learned the man behind the phone was named Adam, but a few texts later she learned that his name wasn’t really Adam, and he wasn’t really a man!

Adam Was Actually Ashley!

In a shocking twist, Hayley ended up finding out that the so-called “Adam” was actually a woman named Ashley.

Her reason for pretending to be Adam? “I was just trying to be a cute guy,” she wrote. “But we can still be friends…I’m sorry.”

Hayley said that the two ended up becoming friends, and in another surprising reveal, Ashley was actually a fake name used by Kelci.

It might not have been the start of an epic romance, but it turned out to be the beginning of a very strange friendship!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved