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The 98-Year-Old Woman Who’s Volunteered Nearly 7,000 Hours At A Hospital And Doesn’t Plan To Stop Anytime Soon

There are some stories that just make you feel good, and this is one of them. At Morton Plant Hospital, there are thousands of people who work hard to keep people alive and comfort them in their most difficult times. One of those people has won a special place in the collective heart of her community, and she’s not even an employee. Over the past 28, Mary Ellen Owens has racked up over 5,000 volunteer hours at the front desk of the hospital.

A Very Special Woman

Mary Ellen Owens is ninety-eight-years young, and she’s had quite an exciting life. She got her start working in the entertainment industry. She worked as a model in Richmond, Virginia and eventually took her skills to the big city of New York.

While in New York City, she almost became a movie star, but things didn’t work out. Mrs. Owens has no regrets though. Despite all the experiences she has had, many of her most cherished moments in life involve being wedded to her husband.

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

About 24 years ago, her life changed forever when her husband became chronically ill. Throughout the final years of her husband’s life, the Owens spent far more time than they would have liked to in the hospital.

Their distressing experience was brightened by the kindness shown by the employees and volunteers at Morton Plant Hospital. When her husband passed away, Mrs. Owens decided to give back to the people who had given so much to her.

Delivering Thousands Of Smiles

For more than two decades, Mrs. Owen has been one of the most beloved volunteers at the hospital. Although declining health has led her to reduce the amount of time she spends at the hospital, Mrs. Owens still catches a ride to her second home for her weekly shift.

Soon, Mrs. Owens will have reached the milestone of volunteering for 7,000 hours. All who visit the hospital cherish her warm smile. She’s looking forward to giving thousands more hours and smiles.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved