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Woody Harrelson Merges Film and Theater in Lost in London

Woody Harrelson is trying to make waves in a most spectacular way. The Hunger Games fan favorite will shoot a movie later today, and this won’t be a regular movie; it is a complex marriage between theater and film, as the director, who is also acting and happens to have written the script, will attempt to stream the movie life as it is being filmed.

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Lost in London has a cast of 30 and a crew of over 300, which tells us the scale of the project at hand. While Harrelson is highly motivated to get this done, he fears a number of things; power could go off, cameramen could lose grips on their equipment any number of electronics can blow up. However, the actor reveals that his biggest worry is bad weather. The shooting will of course take place in London, which is known for its less than predictable weather and if it rains, things could go south.

woody harrelson

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The reason franchises do not stream movie shoots live is simple; there is no logistical or financial justification. The amount of investment in terms of labor is sky high, and the machinery used needs to be off the top drawer to reduce the eventuality of mishaps occurring. In addition to that, there needs to be perfect co-ordinations across locations, which makes shooting difficult if you have say, 14 locations like Lost in London is expected to.

Woody Harrelson has asked his friends what they think about his ambitious plan, and well, the responses have not been too encouraging. Jennifer Lawrence says that this is the worst idea the movie star has ever come up with. The likes of Bill Maher believe that while this is highly ambitious, it is not doable. Justin Timberlake did not mince his words, calling the entire project ‘stupid.’ It is easy to see where these people are coming from.

woody harrelson

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Lost in London is based on a true story that went down back in 2002. One drunken night, Harrelson hopped on a taxi, looking to get home. When he felt that the driver was being slow, he kicked his way out of the vehicle and clambered into another taxi, with the earlier driver hot in pursuit. After a Bond-style chase around London, the actor decided to take the rest of the journey on foot, upon which he was arrested by the police, spending the night in a police cell. He later had to pay the taxi driver for damages.

The movie will be screened live in 550 USA theatres.

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