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World War II Veteran Fred Lawrence Spends 98th Birthday At The Gym

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How would you want to celebrate your 98th birthday? According to nonagenarian Fred Lawrence, the best way to celebrate your born-day is to hit the gym. The World War II veteran has been pumping iron at the gym for three days a week since forever, and his birthday was just another day to get swole. Find out why Lawrence decided to spend his 98th birthday at the gym.

Born In The USA

Born in 1921, Fred Lawrence has seen it all. From war and famine to prosperity and progress, Lawrence has been there since the start. During World War II, he served as a Marine in the Pacific. Later in his life, he became a pastor. One thing that Oregon resident has kept constant in his life is a sense of gratitude. He told television news station KATU, “I’m so grateful to be alive, in this day, that I was permitted to live. The good Lord is good, I just feel like he was with me. I’m so grateful.” Another thing that has kept him going throughout the years has been his killer workouts. He looks forward to hitting the gym hard at least three times a week. Clearly, he’s reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. About his workout, he said, “Makes me feel good. Makes me feel like I’m strengthening what’s here.”

Swole Brothers

Lawrence has been attending his favorite 24 Hours Fitness in Gladstone, Oregon for about five or six years, and he’s the oldest person there. Not only has Lawrence been strengthening his muscles, but he’s also been making friendships with the other gym rats. His bond with fellow workout fanatic Jeramy Ybarra will bring a tear to your eye. When asked about his close relationship with the elderly man, Ybarra responded, “Fred to me is kind of like an adopted grandpa. Every time I see him, he gives me a big hug and tells me how happy he is to see me. And I think one of the other things I learn from Fred is the amount of gratitude he has for life.”

Birthday Cake

Needless to say, when Lawrence stepped into his local 24 Hour Fitness on his 98th birthday, it was definitely a cause for celebration. The club went all out for his special celebration. They decked out the gym with birthday signs and balloons and even prepared him his beloved vanilla bean cupcakes. The gym’s employees also gave Lawrence a gigantic birthday card signed by just about everyone at the fitness club.

After hooking him up with a brand new 24 Hour Fitness t-shirt, the war veteran threw it on and proceeded to rock the gym for his traditional 90-minute workout. The gym took tons of fun pictures and posted them on its Facebook page. The sweet caption read, “In need of some inspiration? Look no further then our dear friend and member Fred! Fred turned 98 years young today! Thank you for being the best part of our day Fred and Happy Birthday!!!!” Here’s to 98 more birthdays, Fred!

Social media response has been crazy encouraging!

Facebook user Nina Alexandria Sherwood fangirled, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Fred! Wishing you many more!! Also, thank you for your service from Massachusetts.”

Facebook user Gina Olan gave a shoutout, “Happy Birthday 🎊🎁🎈🎉🎂 Fred! Make it a great day!!!”

Facebook user Linda Lombardo sent good vibes, “Exceptional people do exceptional things. What a blessing.”

Facebook user Tom King kept it real, “Fred is a legend at our gym. Happy birthday Fred.”

Facebook user Gina London raved, “Just read on CNN’s page about Fred and your gym’s kindness in helping celebrate his 98th birthday! Wonderful. I’m think we share a birthdate (but not the same year!) Sending along my own wishes to Fred -🎂👏⭐️- from my home in Dublin, Ireland! Slainte! 👍🏽”

Check out this sweet video of Fred Lawrence’s birthday gym routine:

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