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World’s First Foldable Smartphone Debuts

Have you dreamt about being able to fold your smartphone? A small company named Royole managed to beat Samsung and other competitors to the punch, releasing the world’s first foldable smartphone. If you have to get your hands on the latest tech, you will want to get the rundown on this slick looking smartphone’s specs first.

Making Waves With Water OS

The foldable FlexPai operates on Water, which is a forked version of Android. Similar to the OS namesake, the software takes some time to settle every time the phone is folded and unfolded. It may be great to be the first to release a new technology, but this phone still doesn’t feel consumer ready just yet.

AFP / Tobias Schwarz

The FlexPai from Royale unfolds to a 7.8-inch display and has a pixel resolution of 1,920 x 1,440. When folded, this eye-catching smartphone provides two displays. There are some issues with the software skipping around as it transitions, depending on how the phone is positioned.

Plastic Makes It Possible

If you are curious as to how this phone is capable of folding, it’s because the screen is plastic, not glass. Royale has boasted that the FlexPai is capable of being folded up to 200,000 times before there is any severe degradation in quality.

amazing videos / YouTube

It is possible to see air bubbles where the phone hinges, and there have been problems with the touch sensitivity response. The display screen is projected to last for five years before needing replacing, which is better than glass.

Wait Before Unfolding Your Wallet

The hinge at the back of the phone supports the FlexPai smartphone’s ability to fold and unfold, but it makes the phone a little chunky and awkward with handling. Anyone who values a smartphone with a thin profile will automatically notice the gap caused by the hinge.

Go 4 It

Even though Royale was first to the finish line with a folding smartphone, it might be better to wait for more polished versions to be released. The FlexPai is only available for pre-order, with the price tag ranging from $1,300 to $1,879, depending on the number of gigs and storage space.

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