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These Hilarious Clothing Designs Will Have You Laughing For Days

There are some great clothing designs, but there are other designs that make us wonder, “What were the designers thinking?” They probably thought it was a good idea at the time, but they clearly didn’t consider how others would see the outfit. We’ve collected five of the worst design fails and we invite you to laugh along with us.

A Part Of Their World

Fans of The Little Mermaid would want to buy these leggings. They feature everyone’s favorite mermaid and her best friends, Sebastian and Flounder. However, did the designer really think about what he/she was doing? What are the characters looking at? From an outsider’s perspective, it appears the characters are a little confused about where they are. That’s not what you want!

Hot Topic

Shoes Or Feet?

This design is taking comfort way too far. Some people want to walk around barefoot, but the ground can often be too cold. That’s why this designer decided to make a brand of shoes that look like the person is walking around barefoot. To us, it only looks disgusting.

u/steelpanthers via Reddit

Sorry, Wrong Number!

When you first look at this jersey, it doesn’t seem like anything is wrong. Look again. Is the jersey’s number supposed to be twelve or thirteen? Sometimes, mistakes happen when you’re printing clothes. We can understand that, but someone probably should have checked the jerseys before selling them.

u/noobkilling via Reddit

Going Shirtless?

If you’re a man, do you wish you could always be shirtless in public? With this design, now you can! The sweater’s design resembles a man’s bare chest— hairy and everything. You’ll be following the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule, but you might look embarrassing in public. We wouldn’t wear this sweater, but that’s just us.

u/JordanZimm via Reddit

Say No To The Dress

Your wedding dress should be the most beautiful dress you have ever owned. You should always say yes to the dress, but we would say no to this dress. What was the designer thinking? Part of the dress’ train is positioned on a strange area of the bride’s body, drawing everyone’s eyes to that location. It’s too awkward for your wedding day.


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