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You Can Wrap Yourself Like A Burrito With This Yummy-Looking Tortilla Blanket

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Who hasn’t seen someone rolled into a blanket, all cozy and warm, and then thought of a burrito? The blanket like the outer shell of a soft tortilla but with a person inside. Now there’s an actual online product that speaks to this experience. A blanket that looks exactly like a soft tortilla shell can bring you closer to becoming Mexican food than ever before. And the internet loves it!

Tortilla Blanket Wows The Internet

When news of an actual tortilla blanket hit the internet, the response was incredible. Information on the blanket spread throughout Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various online outlets. The original Tweet caught fire beyond anyone’s imagining once it posted by a customer named Katrina. Her post received more than 100,000 likes and 25,000 comments.

Katrina seemed to know just what to post to create maximum interest in the blanket. She showed a photo of her cutely wrapped up in the blanket and created some pretty clever variations on her original tweet called the “purrito” (cat under the tortilla blanket) for cat lovers and a “pupperito” for dog fans.

Others have made their own riff on the blanket’s image. They swaddled a baby in it, making, what is possibly the cutest baby burrito ever! If you try this one yourself, be sure to have a baby photographer on hand to capture the results. It’s a sight that is too cute to miss!

Blanket Sold Out

With all of this attention, the $45 blanket became so popular that it appeared to have been sold out on Amazon. When the force of the blanket’s internet fans descended on Katrina, she tried to help and posted another link where people could buy the blanket. Fans still couldn’t find the blanket, however. It was likely sold out due to all the attention it was getting online. After all, who doesn’t want their turn at wrapping themselves like beans and cheese?

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