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You Didn’t Know, But You’ve Been Doing This Wrong The Entire Time

In a world full of lifehacks and Pinterest tips, one would assume that we had already learned everything we needed to know to make our daily lives easier.

However, some things just aren’t as obvious as they may seem. Read on to learn about even more things you’ve been doing wrong all along…

Cool Drink Of Water

Soda that’s been left out all day just isn’t the same. Cool it down quickly by wrapping it in a wet paper towel before sticking it in the fridge.

Double-Use Mirrors

Have trouble remembering things in the morning? Use your mirror as a dry erase board to write down reminders. You can erase them easily when no longer needed.

Super Staple Remover To The Rescue

For those of us without titanium nails, prying apart key rings can be a notably tedious task. Save your manicure by using a staple remover instead.

Space-Saving Sprays

Even if you have plenty of storage room to begin with, it never hurts to make some extra space. Keep your cleaning closet organized by hanging spray bottles from a rod.

Canned Creativity

Tired of having to fit cans into the fridge one-by-one? Instead, simply open one side of the of the box and load the entire thing in.

A Fixture For Everything

Ever notice that extra little slot that often comes on keychain bottle openers? It isn’t just for decoration — it makes a perfect soda can opener.

Slow Your Roll

As simple as it may seem, getting cling wrap or foil out of the container can be a clumsy process. Use the tabs on the side to keep the roll in place!

Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Everyone knows the disappointment of heating up leftovers only for there to still be cold spots. The solution is simple; dig a hole in the middle before microwaving!

Moister Than An Oyster

Another notorious downside to eating reheated leftovers is that they can often get too dry. To prevent this, simply set a glass of water in the microwave alongside your food.

Just be careful to never leave a glass of water in the microwave for more than 90 seconds.

A Balancing Act

Hard shell tacos are amazing. When they tip over — not so much. To keep your taco upright, simply balance the shell between the tines of a fork.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved