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WWII Veteran Wanted 100 Cards For His 100th Birthday— He Got 50,000 And Counting

When Joe Cuba, a WWII veteran from North Texas, turned to social media to ask for 100 greeting cards for his 100th birthday he wasn’t sure what to expect. To his delight, the internet responded with a flood of birthday greetings from around the world and made him a local celebrity.

A Simple Request Goes Viral

Cuba thought that his request was simple enough and he was curious to see what would happen. The director at his senior living center worked with him and posted a single card request to her social media account. At the time it seemed like just a cute post. Their request for 100 cards seemed like a stretch.

As it turned out, the request went viral and he was swamped with more than 50,000 cards and birthday wishes.

The Request Touches People From Around The World

Cuba was contacted by people around the world in countries including England and Poland. He’s also heard from Major League Baseball, NASCAR, NASA, and President Donald Trump. To top things off, as the story went viral he received visits from reporters too.

Sometimes school groups would visit while medical companies and veterans groups also asked how they could help celebrate. It made for a great way to mark a century of living.

Social media’s Response Is Humbling And Heartwarming

The viral response humbled Cuba who couldn’t believe so many people would answer his request. His daughter Beverly has noticed that all of the attention has caused him to “perk up” quite a bit.

Cuba is more used to giving than receiving. As a child, he was born just after WWI and lived some of his earliest years during the Great Depression. He saw how his family shared what food they had with others and that spirit of giving has continued throughout his life. It makes all of the well-wishes he’s receiving now that much sweeter.

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