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The Internet Is Saluting Three Young Rappers Who Helped Elderly Couple At Gas Station

During a brief time at a rest stop, 89-year-old Rose Griest needed some help getting back into her van. Her 101-year-old husband David couldn’t assist but three nearby young men jumped at the chance to demonstrate their good samaritan spirits and tenderly helped the elderly couple. They were careful, reassuring, and went out of their way so that she would feel safe throughout the process. An officer at the scene happened to capture the touching scene on video and posted it online. Social media fans took notice and applauded.

Officer Captures Stunning Act Of Help

Police officer Kanesha Carnegie witnessed the scene. Like everyone else who saw it, she was impressed by the tenderness of the three Orlando-based rappers – Joc Koe Stoe, Marty, and Freddy G. She filmed the event so the world could see view something positive and the young men would receive their well-deserved credit.

Carnegie was from the Levy County Sherrif’s Office in Bronson, Florida and knew the young men. She was glad that they’re getting some well deserved recognition.

A Brief Stop

So, how did Rose and David get into trouble in the first place? The pair is committed to living independently and helping each other with whatever they need. When Rose had to go to a doctor’s appointment, David didn’t think anything of driving her even though he was tired that day.

The trip was longer than expected and Rose asked to use the bathroom at the rest stop. That’s where things got difficult and they needed help.

Unexpected Inspiration

The Griests and their rescuers formed an unexpected connection after the experience. When the young men finished helping, David was heard thanking them and letting them know his age. The three were in awe of David’s strength to keep going, even at an advanced age.

Despite their differences, it seems the two groups were equally inspired by each other. Their newly minted social media fans were inspired too!

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