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YouTuber’s Experiment Provides A Cautionary Tale About The Henna Freckles Trend

Naomi Jon is a YouTuber that has risen to fame for makeup tutorials and other beauty videos. She is no stranger to trying new things. In fact, she dyed her hair neon orange. Fans get to follow along as the happy go lucky YouTuber learns what works and what doesn’t. Naomi went viral for a hilarious video where she tried (and failed) at giving herself henna freckles.

A Great Idea

Naomi got the idea to try henna freckles when she saw a video posted by @uglysxegirl on Instagram. The Instagrammer rubbed carrot oil on her face, used henna to draw freckles, and wiped it off with olive oil.

As it turned out, Naomi and the Instagrammer actually lived close to each other. They happened to run into each other in person, and Naomi got some insider tips on how to make things work. Naomi didn’t exactly follow the suggestions.

A Not So Great Result

Naomi used red henna rather than the dark brown that had been suggested. She also rubbed a heavy moisturizing cream before she applied the henna. What were the results?

Naomi’s face was covered in bright red “freckles.” She attempted to remove the vibrant dots with makeup remover but it did not work. She applied several layers of concealer and foundation, but the bright red freckles could still be seen. 

Finally… Success!

Maybe Naomi is a glutton for punishment. The woman from Instagram (@uglysxegirl) saw her fail video and offered more help. This time, Naomi followed directions. Although she was far more nervous this time around, it worked!

What went wrong the first time? First, she used red henna instead of brown. The moisturizing cream caused the henna to soak into her skin rather than simply color it. Olive oil is one of the few substances that will remove henna. What ambitious beauty feat will Naomi Jon pull off next?

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