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YouTuber Makes Real Knife Out Of Only Jell-O

Do you find yourself watching one tutorial video after another on YouTube? If you have, then you may have stumbled upon the growing channel, Kiwami Japan. With over 500,000 subscribers, the channel focuses on experimental tutorials, in which the creator behind the channel demonstrates how to turn household products and food into functional knives. However, his most recent video about turning Jell-O into a knife may just be his best video yet.

An Amazing Success

Due to the constant number of new videos uploaded every day, the YouTube channel, Kiwami Japan, never imagined its tutorial videos would gain international success. The YouTuber uploads weekly videos demonstrating how to transform household products and food into knives, often showing the chemistry behind these experimentations.

The channel’s view count continues to increase with each video. Last week’s reached over three million views, in which the YouTuber demonstrated how to transform Jell-O and gelatin into a functional knife.

How It Works

Three million viewers tuned in to watch the detailed, 11-minute tutorial. The YouTuber melted individual gelatin candies, shaped the mixture with a regular kitchen knife, and then used an air purifier to dry the bright green gelatin.

Then, he sharpened the gelatin with diamond whetstones. A long process, the whole project took a few days to complete. The YouTuber completed his tutorial by cutting a zucchini with the new knife— one he described as the “sharpest Jell-O kitchen knife in the world.”

It turns out there are more uses with Jell-O than eating it as a dessert.

More Videos To Watch

Kiwami Japan specializes in experimental tutorials. Since 2016, the YouTube channel has demonstrated how to make knives, sharpen knives, and make more useful products. Can you imagine a knife made out of chocolate? Or from pasta? Kiwami Japan definitely proves, and effectively demonstrates, that you can basically turn anything into a knife.

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