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Meet Yuki The Rescue Wolfdog Who Was Miraculously Saved From A Kill Shelter And Rose To Internet Fame

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Yuki is a playful wolfdog. Wolfdogs are the adorable creatures that come from mating a wolf and a dog. Yuki’s first owner couldn’t take care of him, and his life was almost cut short in a kill shelter. Although Yuki had health setbacks, he finally found a loving home (and Internet fame) at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary

What Is Yuki Made Of?

Wolfdogs are very exciting pets, but many pet owners aren’t prepared for the responsibility that comes with these unique animals. Wolfdogs can be extremely dog-like or extremely wolf-like, depending on their genetic makeup. Genetically, Yuki is almost 90% gray wolf with only small traces of Siberian Husky and German Shepherd DNA.

Why Yuki’s Owner Gave Him Up

Yuki is made of three huge canines, and his owner wasn’t prepared for Yuki’s size. He went from a little puppy to a small giant quickly, and caring for a growing wolfdog takes a lot of food, time, and energy. After eight months, Yuki’s owner—whether intentionally or accidentally—gave him up to a kill shelter.

Yuki Leaves The Shelter

When volunteers at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary found out about Yuki’s predicament, they adopted him. Brittany Allen is one of the volunteers who care for Yuki, and she has chronicled his life on Instagram. Shy Wolf Sanctuary adopts wolves and other exotic animals and cares for their unique needs for life.

Yuki Needs Surgery

All in all, Yuki has enjoyed his time at the sanctuary, but it hasn’t always been easy. Yuki got a nasty gash on his knee after he scraped it against a palmetto tree. Since the wound was right over a joint, it took five surgeries to make it heal completely.

Yuki Breaks The Internet

The pain of his wound and surgeries made Yuki more aggressive, but he is back to his usual lovable self today. Yuki has become a social media star, and he is the unofficial mascot of the Shy Wolf Sanctuary. His fans around the world love to watch Yuki navigate through life.

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