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Zoos Give Amazon-Style Reviews Of Their Animals and They’ll Crack You Up

On March 9th, the Oregon Zoo had a brilliant idea to bring attention to their zoo and the animals who live there. They decided to post cute pictures of them on Twitter with a review like you would see for a product on Amazon, complete with a star rating. The zoo created the hashtag #rateaspecies and the trend went viral! Other zoos, aquariums, rescue centers and regular old joes joined in the fun and the results were hilarious. Read on to see a few of them and try not to laugh.

Snow Leopard

The Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle, posted this description about their snow leopard. Isn’t he adorable? “POUNCE ON THIS ONE Started out small but got stretched out over time. Still, even after heavy use in all weather, very tough, very hardy.” With a five star rating, nobody could resist this guy. He looks so soft!

Twitter: Woodland Park Zoo


The John Ball Zoo in Michigan writes about its resident camel. “A LITTLE LUMPY A little bumpy at first, but can go a long time without food or water. Great for long trips through the desert.” Poor guy only got four stars, but he does make for a bumpy ride. Will that be one bump or two?

Twitter: John Ball Zoo


The New England Aquarium chimes in with a review of this waddling fellow.
BEST DRESSED Dapper styling, sick dance moves, occasional fish breath. Definitely performs better in groups.” Sounds like a great review, but the penguin only got four stars! Maybe a top hat and a little crooked-handled cane would’ve boosted him to five.

Twitter: New England Aquarium

Red Panda

The Minnesota Zoo caught this relaxing picture of their red panda and this is what they said about him. “We’re a FANDA of the red panda. Low maintenance. Self cleaning. Extra fluff included.” This guy looks like a stuffed animal, he’s so perfect. Look at how his little feet are just dangling there! He’s got the life and definitely should’ve been given five stars instead of four.

Twitter: Minnesota Zoo

Mola Mola

In case you didn’t know, this is a mola mola, otherwise known as a sunfish. He lives at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California and, giving him four stars, this is what they had to say about him. “A TOUR DE FORCE Simply superlative. Disruptive design. Inspired mechanical engineering. Invented its own niche with seamless software/hardware integration. Absolute head-turner and conversation starter. Sorry, no headphone jack: the future is here.” This impressive and silly looking fish often gets mistaken for a shark!

Twitter: Monterey Bay Aquarium

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